The Block Drop.

The Metanet, Metaverse, Web3 and Blockchain technologies can be complex. The Block Drop team are seasoned payments specialists collating open research and data to give you the best chance of staying ahead of the curve -- attempting to avoid the next Mt Gox, Celsius, Luna or FTX debacle. !NO FINANCIAL ADVICE.

Get Access To The Block Drop

You can join our blockchain data research experiment and access all our data, research, tools and dashboards in a collaborative fashion.

Our team is comprised of Payments Experts, Developers, Search teams and Data Science professionals. You contribution helps us build more tools to help you win. While we currently have a staged growth plans once each milestone is reached we will survey our member base and build the featurs most requested by members.

We do have member cap limits in mind to ensure we will always be able to keep this community to focused and friendly member base that is delivered value.

Join Our Data Experiement.

For only 1 BSV you can get access to all our blockchain news, data, trading tools and updates for 1 Year.
We look forward to you being part of this experiment (While the satoshis are cheap!).

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What our members love

1. Latest Coin Drops

Find out when major exchanges list their latest coin offerings. Get in early so you can take advantage of early gains.

2. Expert Analysis

Our data team compile mountains of Expert analysis and present it to you in a simple easy to read summary.

3. Stay Informed

This industry changes weekly. Our data teams stay up to date so you don't have to - giving you back time to do normal things like family and friends.

We use RADHR Data Services to ensure the vast amount of inbound data our team receives on a weekly basis is actually useful. This ensures our clients can spend time closing deals, not chasing leads.
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